The Teamsters

I had a request for this a long time ago and I finally got around to converting it. This was Troubleman Unlimited’s fifth release (technically it was release 4.5) and it was recorded by Tim Green. I don’t have any other information about this band or recording except that The Teamsters were from Olympia, WA.

1. Egg Roll King
2. I’m A Criminal
3. Oktuberfest
4. Mombo Kings
5. Lots Of Dan’s
6. Heman’s Hobby
7. Yakima
8. All-Star Presidents
9. Robo Wars
10. Unknown

[audio:|titles=Egg Roll King|artists=Teamsters]
Egg Roll King

Download: The Teamsters – Demo – 170 MB


  1. This was from around 1993-1994. I remember Mike telling me about these guys, who were extremely young (high school age) and from the pacific northwest area I believe. I’m not sure what happened to the members, but it was an interesting release. This would be a good one to formally release again on vinyl or CD.

  2. Oh yeah I remember this, this was Ian Vanek’s band, he went on to start Japanther after moving to NY and I believe Teamsters have a track on K Record’s “Selector Dub Narcotic” comp.

  3. I bought this in 94 (?) at a Kicking Giant show in Fargo. That taped served well for a robotussin night a year later.

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