Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook (Live Video)

[flv: 426 320]

Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook
United Palace
New York City, NY

Sigur Ros has always been a band I have been meaning to give their due but haven’t, probably in large part due to their vocals being sung in Icelandic table 다운로드. I have never been one for instrumental music or music sung in unfamiliar languages – I can only think of Manu Chao and Cesaria Evora as exceptions Download the pdf conversion program. Thanks to a timely ‘heads-up’ from SoDakian operative Tboogie, I made a point of catching them when they recently surfaced at the very sold-out show at the United Palace – this huge baroquely detailed theater deep in Harlem Download the exit. They have also recently played other visually dramatic venues like the sculpture garden at the MOMA and with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop at Red Rocks so I suspect they studiously choose their venues so the overall affect leans more to a complete otherworldly experience rather than a mundane rock show Lipair tears. The minor-key orchestration with swirling vocals reminded me of the vibe I get while seeing one of my favorite live bands, Mercury Rev Download the movie Applause Month. This video is an uncharacteristically upbeat end-of-set track and involved bringing in the opening band to act as a drum corp.

Update: Thanks to Hayley for providing the track name Download The Pokémon Sunmoon Romfile.

Download: Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook (Live Video)