Paul Weller – That’s Entertainment (Live)

When my wife was doing an exchange in Spain, her Spanish guest brother made her a mix-tape of Paul Weller songs 영화 히트맨. Paul Weller was recently in town supporting a new record, so I happily tagged along with my wife to the show. The extent of my knowledge on Weller is that after heading up The Jam and the Style Council, he has enjoyed a long solo career Chat shire. Early in the set, I had a sneaking suspicion that the Gallagher brothers were likely at the show since Oasis were likely already in town to play a rare small club gig the next day and Oasis seem to be of the same ruff-hewn distinctly British cloth as Paul Weller 철권 태그1. Sure enough, Noel Gallagher made a brief surprise guest appearance. He seemed healthy despite later canceling the small club show due to an earlier on-stage injury sustained from an errant Canadian fan ntop 윈도우 다운로드. Whatever the injury it didn’t prevent him stumbling on stage and squawking into the microphone.

At around the fifth minute into this track you can hear Gallagher chime in with one of his patented incoherent and not exactly PG-13 rants 젤다 야숨. If any of you out in TSOI-land are fluent in “Loutish” a translation would be appreciated.
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