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Thanks to my older brother, I was exposed early to independent music with one of these offerings being 80s California punk-rock. Among others, The Circle Jerks‘ album “Wonderful” along with the “The Repo Man Soundtrack” and “Sid and Nancy” soundtrack which both feature The Circle Jerks, were in heavy rotation in many of those formative years. One thing that I always liked about many of the 80’s era California punk bands was they often had a sense of humor, which is exhibited well by the Circle Jerk’s paean to good manners and etiquette, “Wonderful”. I have been listening to these albums recently and they are really quite good. Here is a fun fact: The lead singer of the Circle Jerks was the singer for the pre-Rollins Black Flag. Who knew?

Anyway, I caught the final stop on recent Circle Jerks headlined F-Yeah Tour at Club Exit in Brooklyn that also included Dillinger Four, Matt and Kim, and others. The Circle Jerks set highlights included a new song (new album in the works?!?) as well as classics like “I and I”, and the Black Flag track “Gimme Gimme Gimme”. It was a really fun show.

I have a video of dubious quality “I and I” so the mp3 is included as well.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2008/20080805/CJ-IAndI.mp3|titles=I and I (Live)|artists=Circle Jerks]
Download: The Circle Jerks – I And I (Live)

Download: The Circle Jerks – I And I (Live Video)


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