Chemlab – Exile on Mainline (Live)

Chemlab are among the most notable American industrial band from the 80s/90s not directly associated with Chicago’s WaxTrax! Records. Formed in Washington D.C., they put out a few records on Fifth Column records of propulsive keyboard and drum-machine driven songs layered with metal guitar riffs. This track was off of their last album, East Side Militia, before disbanding in 1996.

In December 2007, a reformed Chemlab toured and naturally had a New York stop – at the Knitting Factory. To my colossal annoyance, I missed most of the show because they started earlier than listed due to one of the supporting bands, U.S.S.A., canceling. Grrr. Sadly, entering a show well into the set of the band I was amped-up to see has happened to me several times with Psychedelic Furs, Echo & the Bunnymen, Jesus & Mary Chain, and Lungfish coming immediately to mind. Grrrr. My blood is boiling just thinking about those notorious shows.
[audio:|titles=Exile On Mainline (Live)|artists=Chemlab]
Download: Chemlab – Exile on Mainline (Live)

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