The Five Cents are the new band of Matt Steinke, who was a member of the great Satisfact, who released three records in the late 90’s. Satisfact also included Dave Schneider (Love as Laughter) and involved keyboards, homemade electronic effects and super-crunch guitars to make new-wave infused indie-rock presaging electroclash and bands like The Rapture and The Faint just long enough to not get their due credit.

Here is a track from The Five Cents third show ever at Trash in Brooklyn. It was a great show so when they swing through your town, be sure to check them out.
[audio:|titles=Where Have I Been (Live)|artists=The 5 Cents]
Download: The 5 Cents – Where Have I Been (Live)

Bonus: The 5 Cents – Pillow Stripes (Live Video from Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn)


  1. Another great video! And it’s good to know Matt Steinke is still somewhere making great music. Do you have any Satisfact videos, specifically something off of the “Unwanted Sounds of…”?

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