Film School – Lectric (Live)

Film School, out of San Francisco are back on their feet after having probably the craziest equipment theft story of last year (and there were a lot of contenders). All of their equipment was stolen from a well-lit, attended, chain-link secured parking lot. The thieves broke into the van, sawed through the club on the steering wheel, hot-wired the van, and crashed, the van through the chain-link fence. Yikes.

After having seeing them live, I could see why thieves would be keen on their equipment, because their sound was mammoth befitting a true shoegaze band. Film School feature male and female vocals buried under overdriven washes of keyboards and guitar ala Curve and Pornography era Cure. Outside of maybe Aerial Love Feed, this Film School show is the most accomplished shoegaze band I have seen. They have a new record out on Beggars Banquet.
[audio:|titles=Lectric (Live)|artists=Film School]
Download: Film School – Lectric (Live)

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