Patrick Wolf – Accident & Emergency (Live)

I got a Patrick Wolf single included with my order for the Child Ballads record I ordered from Loog records. After a few spins it grew on me and decided to check out his show at Webster Hall. Having recently lamented about the relative low levels of good shows in the coming month of October (which generally earns the moniker of Rocktober), I was willing to check out something with which I wasn’t too familiar. As far as I can tell Patrick Wolf fits nicely in the revival of ’80s UK based new wave. I am a bit surprised that Patrick Wolf passed under my radar this long especially since he has three records out and evidently fairly large following.

This track, “Accident & Emergency” the single from his last record The Magic Position, for probably no good reason, reminds me of “In America” from Long Hind Legs crossed with the theatricality of Of Montreal, with whom, I suspect he would share a similar fan base. Based on the show set, outside of his synth-based crankers, he also seems to have an unfortunate penchant for solo piano ballads. Nonetheless, the Patrick Wolf show was a welcomed kick off for Rocktober.
[audio:|titles=Accident & Emergency (Live)|artists=Patrick Wolf]
Download: Patrick Wolf – Accident & Emergency (Live)

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