Rye Coalition – Baby Puts Out Old Flames (Demo)

I remember not being too impressed the first time I saw Rye Got1000. Certainly not impressed enough to shell out $4 for their demo. Then, a year later, they put out the “New Sheriff In Town” 7” on Troubleman which I bought and loved 피카츄 배구 게임. So I missed out on my opportunity to pick up the demo when I had the chance, but I found it again via Soulseek. Whenever I get the chance, I will still go see Rye Coalition play, but I certainly prefer the more rockin’ sound of old to today’s more metal sound 닥터스트레인지.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2007/20070223/RC-BabyPutsOutOldFlames.mp3|titles=Baby Puts Out Old Flames (Demo)|artists=Rye Coalition]
Download: Rye Coalition – Baby Puts Out Old Flames (Demo)