The Five Cents – Turn Me On (Nina Simone Cover)

A friend of mine told me about the new band that Matt Steinke is starting 사랑을 했다 악보. He was the guitarist for both Satisfact and Mocket and built some of the craziest effects pedals I’ve ever seen 스프링 로컬 파일. They have a MySpace page with a couple of demo songs on it, but the song that really stood out to me was this Nina Simone cover. These two white boys do a great job of channeling a soulful black woman 세컨드라이프. I don’t think they have played any live shows yet, but if you’re anywhere near Brooklyn you should keep your eyes peeled for them. They seem to be pretty prolific so hopefully an official recording will be surfacing sometime soon oci.dll 다운로드.
[audio:|titles=Turn Me On |artists=The Five Cents]
Download: The Five Cents – Turn Me On (Nina Simone Cover)