[flv:http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060914/TH-TickingTimeBomb.flv http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060914/20060914.jpg 426 320]

Tackhead – Ticking Time Bomb (Video)

An interesting video from Tackhead’s “Friendly as a Hand Grenade” LP. After that release I don’t think I ever heard from them again. A quick Wickipedia search says they briefly reformed in 2004 for a US and European tour which I knew nothing about.

Download: Tackhead – Ticking Time Bomb (Video)

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  1. Thank you so much for bringing us all these old MTV 120 minutes vidz from the late 80’s & early 90’s – back when “Modern Rock” was at its peak.
    Some of these artists were long forgotten until their unearthing on TSOI.

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