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Echo & The Bunnymen – Enlighten Me

I was going through a bunch of old tapes of MTV’s 120 Minutes and decided to capture some of the more interesting videos and post them here. One video that I had completely forgotten about was for the Echo & The Bunnymen track “Enlighten Me.” I had glossed over the fact that Ian had left the band yet they continued to use the name to release records. When you compare “Reverbration” to “Candleland” which was released at the same time, it’s easy to see why the Ian-less Bunnymen had very little success.

Download: Echo & The Bunnymen – Enlighten Me (Video)


  1. hi! I downloaded this but it was only the sound and there was no video….any chance you can post it again or send me the video via email?
    thanks…he’s a good singer…
    did you ever hear him in his old band, St. Vitus Dance?


  2. I’ve not seen this 1 for a while! I’m a Bunnyman thru and thru and preferred the New? sound the band kept but missed the Vocals of Mac. I think both sides of the Bunnymen realised quickly that one couldn’t work without the other!
    Great site mate, will now read regularly..

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