Surprisingly, this demo sounds almost exactly like the version that was released on “Viva! La Woman.” I think it was originally released as a 7″, but I got it from the five track Japanese release pictured here.

Oh, and one other quick note, if you’ve sent me e-mail in the last few days, I’m not ignoring you. I just have jury duty this week so I don’t get my regular “personal time” at work to respond to everyone. But thanks everyone for the comments and keep them coming.
[audio:|titles=Beef Jerky (Demo)|artists=Cibo Matto]
Download: Cibo Matto – Beef Jerky (Demo)


  1. hey…do you have the rest of cibo matto’s debut ep ripped? i’d do anything for the other tracks…i don’t feel like spending the ridiculous sums people ask for it on ebay. thank you.

  2. Yeah, I’d especially been hoping to get a copy of this to have the rocking version of Know Your Chicken for like forever.

    But this is a cool music blog post thing you got going, anyhow.

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