This song is from the Repercussion 7″ that was released in 1994. Hailing from Columbia, SC, Assfactor 4 played fast and frantic hardcore but still managed to have catchy songs. They were able to fit seven songs on this 7″, but my favorite one has always been the first track “Sometimes I Suck.”
[audio:|titles=Sometimes I Suck|artists=Assfactor 4]
Download: Assfactor 4 – Sometimes I Suck


  1. i found out about this band through a friend of mine, but i had no luck finding any of their lyrics.
    do you know any sites where i could find some?

  2. Sometimes I Suck lyrics
    No sleep and droning spite
    3rd shift hours kill my 1st shift lift life
    No one gets these politics because I do the dumbest shit. I got 2 hands, potential, crippled means and ends, I know what to run from, I know 10 thumbs. In my room my best friends are a little lamp and a cheap ass fan to show the fucking mess and circulate dirty air. I take it lightly but I take it down. I laugh my ass off, I fucking frown.

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