I’ve got a dilemma. The Sisters of Mercy will be playing a couple of shows at the House of Blues in Hollywood in a little over a month. I have never seen them, but I absolutely hate going to HOB for shows ($50 ticket, $15 valet parking, $3.50 cokes, $10.00+ Tickemaster service fees, etc.). The other big concern is that the 15 year old goth inside me will be heartbroken seeing an aging idol (Andrew Eldritch is now approaching 50) prancing around on stage, a la The Rolling Stones. Fortunately I still have a few weeks to read some reviews of their shows before I make the decision to drop nearly $100 to see them. In the meantime, I’ve posted a studio demo version of Anaconda which was originally released in 1983.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060210/SOM-Anaconda(StudioDemo).mp3|titles=Anaconda (Studio Demo)|artists=The Sisters Of Mercy]

Download: The Sisters Of Mercy – Anaconda (Studio Demo)


  1. As a big SOM fan from the late ’80s, I say save your dough and remember them as you picture them in you mind’s eye. It is a good chance that you will experience some let down. “That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong” – Dennis Miller

    Mr Njorl

  2. Hi, I saw the band FIRST in 1983 AND LAST time in 2003 over here in germany & I totally agree with Dennis. It´s no use trying to re-animate a dead corpse. We left earlier, cause it was a shame!

  3. I’ve seen them twice in Philly (once free–talked the bouncer into letting me in), and I’d recommend having one drink more than normal and enjoying the show.

  4. I say go! It’s all about the music anyway. Forget what Andrew looked like twenty years ago. Plus The Sisters put on a great live show with smoke and lights. They’re coming to Dallas and tickets are only $25 and I have to miss them ’cause I’ll be away on a stupid business trip. Awful timing, shit!

  5. See them buddy – best regret the things you do than the things you don’t! I saw them a couple of years ago in the UK and it was an experience – Good? Bad? I ain’t telling – you decide! Make the trip!

  6. He isn’t pathetic like the Rolling Stones, don’t worry. I got my first chance to see the band two weeks ago and I thought it was great. The only drawbacks were the “moshing” idiots and poor sound quality of the venue (keeping in mind that the sound was probably better if I wasn’t being pinned to the wall in front). I’m considering flying to Seattle for a weekend to see them again before they leave the country. Most of the rock stars I love are approaching 60 so I consider Andrew rather young. Go, you know you want to.

  7. i think it is great to keep a band going as long as sisters have, because if they never let the spirit die, then we will always have new great music from the sisters (of mercy) and anaconda is a great song. i had it on a bonus compilation disk i bought from tower records in flint for like 19.99$! and then i started on a drug binge and lost it! now i live in a town called cheboygan where i dont hjave acess to the sisters bin like i did at the genesse valley mall in flint. in fact there is only a k-mart here and an wal-mart and they do NOT carry ANYthing by these guys, so i’m trying to piece together an album from the internet but the only song i can get is anaconda! i managed to get two songs for .99 at sony sonic stage for some free coke bottlecap reward codes, and then i LOST my hard drive! so i’m on windows media player trying to get my MP3 back in werking sisters of mercy mode!

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