The Honeywell LP was one of those records that I bought before I heard it strictly because it was on Mollycoddle, the same label that released the “One Eyed Richard and the Goddamn Liars” record. One of the more frantic emo bands at the time, I loved every second of it. I later came across a tour pressing of their split with Reach Out which was hand numbered out of 55, their “Electric Kool Aid” 7″ and finally their self titled 7″. At one time Troubleman Unlimited was going to release a discography cd but I don’t think it ever happened, which is a serious shame because I know they released a demo which I have never heard.
[audio:|titles=Mesh-Control |artists=Honeywell]

Download: Honeywell – Mesh-Control


  1. do you know where I can buy any of those honeywell seven inches from. I have two but I have no idea what they are. One of the records is scribed on and I cant read what it is . I also have a live recording they did on kspc but the sound quality is not very good.

  2. are they valuable I have both records industry, and one eyed richard. fucking the greatest ever and no one has ever matched their greatness

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