First off, I have no idea if that’s the actual name of the song. The song names aren’t printed anywhere on the record, and the font they used on the insert is totally illegible. Anyway, after getting that out of the way, the one thing I remember about this band is that everything they had was pink. Their guitars, the drums, their amps, a little record player, all pink. One of them had a Bjork tattoo and was excited as hell to play at our house because we had a huge Bjork “Debut” poster on the wall. This song is from their self-titled 7″.

Update: Someone was kind enough to e-mail me and let me know the title of this track is “Baffled on the Seventh Floor.”
[audio:|titles=Baffled On The Seventh|artists=The Candyland Carcrash]

Download: The Candyland Carcrash – Baffled on the Seventh Floor


  1. I saw these guys play and was blown away, they had great energy. I bought this record and gave it to a buddy years ago. Thank you for giving it back to me. I would love to hear the other side.

  2. if only i could have seen this band live. i love every band these guys were ever in. when i hear the track on this 7” it gives me goosbumps and i imagine what it must have been like to see live.

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