The Monday Set: Legendary Jim Ruiz Group – Minneapolis – 5/9/07

The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group
7th St. Entry
Minneapolis, MN

A little over three years ago, Jim Ruiz decided to a one off reunion show at the 7th Street Entry YouTube mp3 high quality. I had missed his last performance which was in NYC at the Chickfactor showcase in 2002, so I was determined to make this one. He debuted a bunch of new songs which he said would be out hopefully by the end of 2007 Download Little Pax. Three years later, no new info on a record which is a shame since the “Unknown Tracks” included on this recording are pretty stellar.

1 Download kakaotalk free emoji. Be My Valentine
2. Ariel
3. The Ballad of Truman Capote
4. Last Summer
5. Unknown Track
6. Minneapolis
7. Unknown Track
8 두남자. Unknown Track
9. Unknown Track
10. Urban Gentleman
11. Stormtrooper
12. Good Feeling (Violent Femmes Cover)

Sample: [audio:|titles=Good Feeling (Violent Femmes Cover)|artists=The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group]

Download: The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group – Minneapolis – 5/9/07 – 250 MB