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Robyn: Be Mine, Indestructible, Konichiwa Bitches (Live)

Up until quite recently, I vaguely remembered Robyn from hearing her song “Show Me Love” some time ago and passing it off as another forgettable song by one of the many interchangeable female pop stars that have dominated the pop culture landscape since the dawn of the music video download mbc news videos. I also remember seeing her getting “interviewed” by Wyatt Cenac on The Daily Show a couple years ago and getting the impression that she was pretty clueless and humorless hls 스트리밍 다운로드. Needless to say, I went into 2010 with a pretty low opinion of her.

I heard that for the past couple years, she had more or less abandoned the prefabricated pop stylings of her early material in favor of working with artists with some serious indie cred such as Royksopp and The Knife 슈프림팀. I decided to give her new “Body Talk” 3-part album an unbiased spin and found myself thoroughly enjoying the material. The music is still unabashedly full on pop, but there’s something non-pretentious and honest about the way Robyn delivers her newer music 윈도우 서버 2012 r2. Despite the fact that most of her songs are about being in, wanting to be in, getting out of, or regretting ending a relationship, I’m able to look past the banality of the lyrics and still get down with the music Download gunga mp3.

Still, I had reservations about her live show. Based on the small amount of intel I have gleaned from awful, terrible, not good mainstream pop stars like Katy Perry and her ilk, I braced myself for an obnoxious stage production big on eye candy and low on substance google play services sdk 다운로드. Backup dancers, choreographed dancing, an excessively large band, and worst of all, lip synching. Fortunately, I was way off again. Robyn capped her band member limit with a totally manageable number: 4 팟플레이어. 2 synth players, 2 drummers, and her. That was it. And they sounded really fucking good.

Included here is “Indestructible”, “Konichiwa Bitches”, and an extremely kick ass version of “Be Mine” Pastel Capri.

Terminal 5 Nov. 10, 2010
Cry When You Get Older
Dancing on My Own
We Dance to the Beat/Don’t Fucking Tell Me What to Do
Love Kills
The Girl and the Robot
Dream On
With Every Heartbeat

Encore 1
U Should Know Better
Konichiwa Bitches
Hang With Me
Be Mine

Encore 2
Dancehall Queen
Dancing Queen
Show Me Love

Download: Be Mine (Live)

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Download: Indestructible (Live)

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Download: Konichiwa Bitches (Live)

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Robyn – Who’s That Girl (Live)

I went to see Robyn on a bit of an accident 파이썬 웹 페이지. I was thinking that I was seeing Annie, a female pop act that I had heard some years ago and thought to myself that “I should remember the name ‘Annie'” to file and retrieve again when the name shows up again on a show bill 파리의 도둑고양이. Well the file got corrupted over the years in my beer soaked Random Access Memory and when I saw the similarly mono-named Robyn playing Highline Ballroom, I thought I had best check her out 개별곡 다운로드. A little to my defense, I did do a pre-show interweb search before buying the ticket, and saw that Robyn was from Sweden and at some point named in the same sentence as The Knife, so I figured that that must be the same cat that I told myself to remember some years ago 다음팟tv 동영상. Being a major sucker for anything out of Sweden, I left my search at that. Anywho, it wasn’t what I now know as Annie, but I wasn’t entirely disappointed 로마토탈워2 다운로드.

Robyn’s recent history is a bit of the nauseatingly typical cautionary tale of signing to a shit corporate record label Download naver series rental. Apparently Robyn had been a huge star in her native Sweden and had her career sidetracked because she became shocked (shocked!) when she lost creative control when signing to Jive records – the home of such independently creative powerhouses as O-town, N-Sync, and BackStreet Boys download ftz. Apparently that is all over and she is back on track following her own muse.

As you will recognize by the trademark synth sound, this is a collaboration Robyn did with fellow Swedesters, The Knife Realtek rtl8111c driver.
[audio:|titles=Who’s That Girl (Live)|artists=Robyn]
Download: Robyn – Who’s That Girl (Live)