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Metric – Love Is A Place (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

Metric – Love Is A Place
Art Rock Festival

I’m not sure what “Art Rock Festival” this comes from, but it’s an interesting clip of Emily and Jimmy doing an acoustic version of “Love Is A Place.”

Download: Metric – Love Is A Place (Live Video)

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Metric – Combat Baby (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

Metric – Combat Baby
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

This is a great video that aired on Canadian television Download wallpaper engine workshop. It’s interesting, when I think of Metric, I certainly don’t think “blues,” but it looked like the crowd was going crazy for them Download the movie Death Penalty.


I re-pasted the link in this post, so it should work now. I have no idea why it wasn’t working before, but sorry about that…

Download: Metric – Combat Baby (Live Video)


Metric – Succexy (Live)

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I would see Metric for free pretty regularly at the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles, now I see they are opening up for the Rolling Stones at Madison Square Garden and tickets are over $400 CPR video. I’m glad I caught them before they became popular because they are really good live, but I don’t know if they are $400 good. This song was recorded at The Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco in 2003 Assassin's Book.
[audio:|titles=Succesy (Live)|artists=Metric]

Download: Metric – Succexy (Live)