Jesus Lizard – Mouth Breather (Live)

Jesus Lizard is an outfit that I know little about, but several of my buddies are fans Download the missing of Sen and Chihiro. One such buddy, NJ operative Mark, recorded the recent and well reviewed show at Irving Plaza. He lauded it as one of the absolute best shows he has seen 백발백중 다운로드. The recent Jesus Lizard shows even made it as a feature in the New Yorker. I am sure there is some of you out there that will appreciate this, so here goes Mid-Gothic.

BTW: As I mentioned I don’t know much about Jesus Lizard, but is it me, or do these guys sound a bit like NoMeansNo Sandol myeongjo l?

[audio:|titles=Mouth Breather (Live)|artists=Jesus Lizard]

Download: Jesus Lizard – Mouth Breather (Live)