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The Delta 72 – Get Down (Live Video)

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The Delta 72 – Get Down
Salt Lake City, UT

It was always a treat when The Delta 72 rolled through town because they were some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet Download Walkerholic mp3. You were always guaranteed a fantastic performance when you went to see them.

Download: The Delta 72 – Get Down (Live Video)

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The Delta 72 – Trick Baby (Live)

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I first checked out The Delta 72 because I knew that Kim Thompson of Cupid Car Club played bass for them, I had no idea that Gregg from Junction played guitar as well data studio. Every time I saw them live, they put on an amazing show. Unfortunately I never recorded any of the shows I saw, but I traded shows with someone from LA who had this recording from Jabberjaw 행아웃. This recording is from 1996 on the “The R&B of Membership” tour.
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Download: The Delta 72 – Trick Baby (Live)