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Antioch Arrow – Paper Moshay (Live Video)

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Antioch Arrow – Paper Moshay
Practice Trailer
North Boulder, CO

About half this video is just a black screen, but it’s still interesting to watch 3d max 2015. It must have been towards the end of Antioch Arrow’s existence since this song came out on their last LP. This video was found on the “Bands That Love Mustaches” video comp which apparently was the first video comp that Eric Wareheim, who was in Elements of Need and I Am Heaven and I believe now has a show on Adult Swim, put together Ahn Cheol-so virus.

Download: Antioch Arrow – Paper Moshay (Live Video)

Antioch Arrow – Conspiring The Go-Go (Live Video)

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[flv: 426 320]

Antioch Arrow – Conspiring The Go-Go
Unknown Date and Location

This is another video from the “Sweet Lil’ Baby – Yeah” video compilation which I’ve posted clips from before 프리미어프로 2018. Unfortunately, there is no other info about the show but it’s a great clip.

Download: Antioch Arrow – Conspiring The Go-Go (Live Video)

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Antioch Arrow – Stilts

This song is off the split 7″ that Antioch Arrow put out with Candle on Gravity Records in 1993 워터링홀 드라이브 바이. The songs are a lot more straight-forward than the songs they would release on the 12″ the following year. This song was one of the only songs that I was able to actually make out when I saw them play live Download Kingsman. As far as I know, Gravity only pressed 500 of these split 7″s and I swear the copy that I made of this song off the 7″ sounds better than the one that was released on the discography cd Download for seven of dawn.
[audio:|titles=Stilts|artists=Antioch Arrow]

Download: Antioch Arrow – Stilts