Judson Claiborne – Twilight Spirit

Having a friend that plays in band makes you obligated to see them play no matter how bad their band stinks. Multiply that by quite a few friends and you end up seeing a lot of shitty shows over a lifetime. So as you can imagine, when a friend plays in a band that’s actually good, it’s a real treat. That was the case with my friend who played in Low Skies. I was lucky to get advance copies of Low Skies recordings as well as catch them play a half dozen times before they split up a few years ago (in fact, a little know TSOI tidbit, the image of the guitar in the header graphic on the site is actually a photo of Low Skies). When I heard that the main singer/songwriter Chris Salveter had started up the new outfit, Judson Claiborne, I made sure to make a note of it. The new record “Time and Temperature” was released earlier this month, and though I haven’t heard the entire thing (I plan on ordering the limited edition vinyl release next week), the few tracks that have been surfacing on the internet are pretty spectacular.

[audio: http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100420/JC-TwilightSpirit.mp3|titles=Twilight Spirit|artists=Judson Claiborne]

Download: Judson Claiborne – Twilight Spirit

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