Skinny Puppy
Bochum, Germany

I had the opportunity last week to see Skinny Puppy on the last date of their most recent tour and as always, they put on an amazing performance. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of their recent work, they can certainly pull the tracks off live. And as they did way back at this show in ’86, they ended their set with Far Too Frail.

1. Film
2. One Time One Place
3. Deadlines
4. Smothered Hope
5. Assimilate
6. Dig It
7. Last Call
8. The Choke
9. Glass Houses
10. Brap
11. Far Too Frail

Sample: [audio:|titles=Far Too Frail (Live)|artists=Skinny Puppy]

Download: Skinny Puppy – Bochum – 10/21/86 – 336 MB

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