Wow, if there was one song that was apparently screaming to be covered, it’s this one. Newcomers Codeine Velvet Club come out swinging with their version of The Stone Roses’ “I Am The Resurrection” right before their debut album is released on the 28th. Though I can’t claim myself as a Fratellis fan (50% of this band is Jon Lawler) and I can’t vouch for the rest of the record yet as I have only heard snippits, if this cover is any indication, it’s got a better than average chance at being great.

[audio:|titles=I Am The Resurrection (Stone Roses Cover)|artists=Codeine Velvet Club]

Download: Codeine Velvet Club – I Am The Resurrection (Stone Roses Cover)

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  1. Sounds like something out of a David Lynch Film…i thought the intro was fairly catchily done…but I don’t get the outro portion at all… it’s a great John Squire solo…it’s inimitable and to be honest, any attempt to copy it would be mere butchery. To their credit, this lot haven’t dared to take on that epic solo, however, considering what’s there instead, they may as well have had a go, because the last two minutes of this version are diabolical.

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