How’s this for shit luck. The Postmarks, who are pretty high up on my “want to see live” list, are playing San Francisco the day I leave LA, then LA the next day I’m in San Francisco. Regardless, I’m really digging their new record “Memoirs at the End of the World” which came out last month. Hopefully someone will record one of their shows. I’m really interested in how they pull off this sound live with just 3 people.

[audio:|titles=My Lucky Charm|artists=The Postmarks]

Download: The Postmarks – My Lucky Charm


  1. Actually I saw them in Orlando and there were 5 people in the band. I agree it would be pretty hard with 3 people unless they were Milli Vanilli-ing.

  2. They actually use a large army of nano-tech musician robots, duh! You can’t see them with the naked eye. How else could you do it?

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