The Flaming Lips – Kundalini Express (Love & Rockets Cover)

The Love And Rockets tribute record “New Tales To Tell” was released a couple of weeks ago and during the release party Shepard Fairey caught up with Daniel Ash for a quick interview which you can watch here. The always leather-clad Daniel gives his opinion on a wide variety of topics including his thoughts on cover songs. I agree with him when he says that a cover song should be drastically different than the original. That brings us to this Flaming Lips song. Frankly, I don’t like it, but what I do like is how far removed it is from the original. That I can appreciate and enjoy. Be sure to check out the whole record, there’s a lot of great versions of some Love And Rockets classics along with less-known tracks.

Download: The Flaming Lips – Kundalini Express (Love & Rockets Cover)

Track has been pulled at the request of the label. We’ll try and put up a different, but equally as good, track from the record shortly.

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