The Modern Skirts – Soft Pedals

I’m going through my e-mails and clearing out all the submissions that I’ve gotten that were good but I haven’t had a chance to post them. One of the things I was sent was this track from The Modern Skirts. It was so good that I made sure to follow up with the label to get a copy of the entire album but none of the other tracks measure up to this one. The record goes all over the place, a piano ballad here, an electro-acoustic track there and then they throw in some straight up rock n’ roll. Not my cup of tea. It seems they don’t have a good sense of direction with this record and it comes across like it was written by a hodge podge of bands. It’s unfortunate that they don’t stick to this type of sound because it’s stellar! Check out this track and maybe jump on Hype Machine to check out some others before you commit to the full LP.
[audio:|titles=Soft Pedals|artists=The Modern Skirts]
Download: The Modern Skirts – Soft Pedals

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