Temple of Despair Radio:
Anchors And Acrobats
Ep. 001

A friend of mine from way, waaaaay back just e-mailed me to let me know that he’s now started a new weekly radio show, a.k.a. podcast, called Anchors And Acrobats on Temple of Despair Radio. The first episode whet up a couple of days ago and tracklist for the first show is great, so make sure to subscribe and enjoy.

Chicken Shit Log Jam – Lil Ditty
Painful X-Tremities – Government
Straight From The Heart – Maximum Tolerable Dose
Heroin – This Time
Antioch Arrow – Stilts
Iconoclast – Medicine
Merel – Bile (The Golden Years)
No Kill I – Bonk Bonk on the Head
23 More Minutes – Don’t Call Me
The Stench – Downhill
Phleg Camp – Whole G
The Sabians – Breathe
Spitboy – Violent Tongue
3 Finger Spread – *some classic…guess*
[audio: http://www.archive.org/download/AnchorsAndAcrobats1/FINAL1.mp3|titles=Ep. 001 |artists=Anchors and Acrobats]
Download: Anchors and Acrobats – Ep. 001


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