The Monday Set: Skinny Puppy – Seattle, WA – 7/5/92

Skinny Puppy
Moore Theater
Seattle, WA

I can’t say I have a ton of recordings from Skinny Puppy’s Last Rights tour, but from what I do have, it looks like this show is one of the few times they performed Second Tooth on the tour. Other than that, this is a pretty average audience recording, probably only for the Skinny Puppy completist.

Set List:
1. Intro
2. Addiction
3. Love In Vein
4. The Choke
5. Harsh Stone White
6. Tin Omen
7. Warlock
8. Knowhere
9. Anger
10. VX Gas Attack
11. Second Tooth
12. Killing Game
13. Circustance
14. Outro
15. Testure

[audio:|titles=Second Tooth (Live)|artists=Skinny Puppy]
Second Tooth (Live)

Download: Skinny Puppy – Seattle, WA – 7/5/92 – 577 MB

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