I’ve been killing a bunch of time at work reading through old “HeartattaCk” magazines at this site. What I would really like to find online is some of the first “Punk Planet”s with the Dave Hake’s columns. Those were always a great read. This song comes from the “Degrees of Malace” 7″ comp. which was released on Stationeight Records. The only other thing I remember coming out on Stationeight was that Caffiend/Filter 7″, so I’m thinking the label was probably out of Nebraska and probably folded after these two records.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2007/20070831/II-DontCareMuchAboutPlaces.mp3|titles=Don’t Care Much About Places|artists=Impetus Inter]
Download: Impetus Inter – Don’t Care Much About Places

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  1. Stationeight was my friend Jeff Jurgens’ label. You’re right — based in Lincoln, NE, and only two releases. The “Malice” comp took forever to come out. Crazy to be reminded of it now, all these years later. Very cool blog.

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