The Grinning Plowmen were a little known/very overlooked band from Nashville, TN. They had 3 full-length releases and a single which was for this song. From the little information I’ve been able to find out about them online, it sounds like they disbanded back in 1993. Their second record, “I Play Jupiter” on Carlyle Records, is the only release of theirs that I’ve actually been able to find. I picked up a promo copy years ago along with an “I Play Jupiter” pin which I should try and track down one of these days.
[audio:|titles=Radiator |artists=The Grinning Plowmen]
Download: The Grinning Plowmen – Radiator


  1. I knew these guys (and one woman). I was much closer to Keith than the others. (I went to college with him). when I was first starting out I did some photography for them (I had no idea what I was doing).

    sad to see them gone, I really enjoyed their music.

  2. These guys rolled though my town (Miami) in the late 80s or early 90s and I liked them so much I bought their CD (or cassette, I can’t remember) right there at the show. 6 months later my car gets broken into and it get stolen, it was the only CD i gave a rats ass about losing, I was so into them. I searched for years to find it, and finally gave up. Now I at least have one song, Thank You and bless your heart for this wonderful site.

  3. I loved this band and saw them many time when I was in University in Clarksville, Thanks for posting the file – I have only tapes – CDs were still new then – wow – I’ve not listen to them in a long time!!!

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