All Around Good People

Usually I try and use this site to post hard-to-find stuff in my music collection (demos, live recordings, vinyl only, etc.) that you won’t be able to come across anywhere else, but I also get a ton of submissions from bands, labels, and promotions departments for new bands 전혀 mp3. I listen to all of them, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted any unsolicited tracks. Not because they are bad (which frankly, most them are), but mainly because you can find the same songs on a dozen other sites, so why waste my time posting the same thing as everyone else cello music. But today’s post features three great bands who have sent me links to their tracks as well as regular commenters.

Saturna – Roll Down
I heard Saturna’s “…All Night” EP a couple of months ago and it sounds like they just finished up their full-length “Some Delicious Enemy” which will be coming out in about a month Come in and. So far, my favorite track off the record is “Roll Down,” but I’ve always said I would be the worst A&R guy ever, so don’t put too much stock in my opinion and check out the full record when it’s released 카탈리스트 15.7.

Download: Saturna – Roll Down

Fiction Like Candy – Big Red Boots
San Francisco’s “Fiction Like Candy” just released their new “Brand New Fancy Truth” EP which you should give a listen obs studio 다운로드. If you like this track, you can check out a bunch more from the CD on their MySpace page 일러스트레이터 cs5 무료.

Download: Fiction Like Candy – Big Red Boots

Sleep Out – It Wasn’t Darkness
Quinn from Sleep Out has actually provided me with a bunch of really great footage (Unwound, The Crownhate Ruin, Fugazi, etc.) which I have previously posted on this site 해촉증명서 양식. It doesn’t look like they are pushing anything except t-shirts right now, but they have a bunch of great songs on their MySpace page as well as some live and demo recordings on their “normal” page Download the iPhone gif.

Download: Sleep Out – It Wasn’t Darkness