Crash Worship – Pyru

I’ve been to hundreds of shows and seen thousands of bands but the thing that stands out about Crash Worship is that they are one of only two bands that I’ve see live that have actually almost set me on fire 3D printer program. They played a goth club in Minneapolis (I can’t recall the name, I think it was “The Cave”, but I do remember it was on Lake) which had really low ceilings for a venue an earlier version of YouTube. They spit fireballs which spread across virtually the entire ceiling and less than a foot above my head. On top of that they had cans of fire that were burning in the crowd which someone kicked and it rolled right behind me 노턴 고스트 15 다운로드. I was watching the band so I didn’t even notice that my pants had caught on fire. Fortunately, my friend pointed it out and I put myself out. This song is off the Pyru 7″ which I bought from them that night Baidu video. That was a seriously amazing show.

Oh, the other band that almost set me on fire was The Scrods. Homemade pyrotechnics are never a good idea…
[audio:|titles=Pyru|artists=Crash Worship]
Download: Crash Worship – Pyru