I finally got around to seeing David Lynch’s new film “Inland Empire” and it was everything that I had expected. Seriously messed up craziness that I spent most of the film trying to make sense of it all. Eventually, I just gave up. I’ve always loved his films, and next to “Blue Velvet,” my favorite thing he has ever done is the Twin Peaks series/”Fire Walk With Me.” The lyrics to this song were written by David, with music by Angelo Badalamenti for “Industrial Symphony #1” but were then used in Twin Peaks. The song appears in it’s original format on the “Floating into the Night” lp, but this edited version comes from a Warner Bros. promotional CD.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2007/20070112/JC-Falling(Edit).mp3|titles=Falling (Edit)|artists=Julee Cruise]
Download: Julee Cruise – Falling (Edit)

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