Here’s another track from the “Superpowers Cassette” (check November 27th’s post for an Iconoclast song from the same release). Moss Icon was an Annapolis, Maryland band who broke up in 1991. This cassette was released in 1993, but the accompanying zine mentioned that they had been collecting songs for years, so this might have been one of their last recorded songs. As far as I know, this is the only place where the song was available. Moss Icon got back together for two shows in 2001, one in Baltimore and one at the More Than Music Festival. I’ve been looking around for live recordings of either of the shows, but I’ve never come across one.
[audio:|titles=Sioux Day |artists=Moss Icon]
Download: Moss Icon – Sioux Day


  1. I am the lyricist and singer of moss icon and I have not heard this song since we recorded it. In fact I don’t even remember recording it. Until now I did’nt have a copy of it. Jonathan

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