Iconoclast – Blind

I finally got around to converting my “Superpowers” cassette to CD Download the publicity. The Superpowers Tape Compilation was the first release from the Troubleman Unlimited label and was included with issue #4 of the “Wanna Communicate?” zine The song has increased and downloaded. The cassette has a bunch of live, alternate and unreleased recordings by bands like Moss Icon, Merel, Rorschach, Shudder To Think and many, many more Sin fit and. This Iconoclast song was not included on their discography CD. It seems to be an early version of “Dreams Of Araby” with different lyrics and played a little slower Download melody you.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20061127/Iconoclast-Blind.mp3|titles=Blind |artists=Iconoclast]
Download: Iconoclast – Blind