The Mary Onettes – Lost

The world’s finest purveyor of pop music, Labrador, has done it again 무비 당. Their latest signing and release by the band The Mary Onettes just came out and from what I’ve heard, it’s great. Labeling their sound as a cross between Echo, JAMC and New Order, unlike a lot bands, they actually seem to pull it off 주간 업무일지 양식. But I do have to confess, I haven’t bought the full EP yet. I’m still waiting for a local record store to get it in, or I’ll order it the next time there’s a new Legends release 2019년 2월 멜론 top100. For the time being, you can also stream the entire release at Last.FM.
[audio:|titles=Lost |artists=The Mary Onettes]
Download: The Mary Onettes – Lost