This song was released on CD as part of the Japanese only “Composition” box set. Since I think I have everything in the set on vinyl, I could never justify paying the ridiculous sum it’s going for when it comes up on eBay. Two versions of this 12″ were released, with the only difference between the two being the cover and one version includes “Final Solution (Third And Final Mix)” instead of the (Full Version). One thing I never noticed until I was scanning in the cover of the 12″ was that Daniel Ash plays guitar on this track.
[audio:|titles=Final Solution (Club Mix) |artists=Peter Murphy]
Download: Peter Murphy – Final Solution (Club Mix)


  1. YYYYYYYiipe! So glad to find Peter and the rest of the band on this website! Just a word from France : it’s a big kick, it’s good for y’ll. PLAY IT PLAY IT PLAY IT NAH PLAY IT AGAIN! ’till it slides outta your brain. THAT’s THE ONLY FINAL SOLUTION TO KEEP AWARNESS ALIVE. PUNK’S NOT DEAD – neither am I!

  2. Thanx for the wonderful site filled with wonderful music. 🙂

    You state that; ” Two versions of this 12″ were released” which is actually wrong.

    Or not, depending on your definitions. 😉

    I have three. Two ordinary 12” singles and one “Final Solution EP”.
    Different covers, slightly different tracks on them.

    Final Solution (full version)
    The Answer is Clear (version)
    Final Solution (Club mix)
    Final Solution (third and final mix)
    Final Solution (Club mix)
    The Answer is Clear (version)
    SOVE 2359:
    side one:
    Final Solution (Club mix) edit by The Latin Rascals
    The Answer is Clear (version)
    side two:
    Canvas Beauty (the fast mix)
    Final Solution (third and final mix)

    Just thought you might be interested to know. It’s been a while since I looked through my bauahus etc collection. Maybe I should go through it to see what else there is that have been lost in the mist of time… 😀


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