The Legends new cd comes out today. The first 150 people who pre-ordered it through the Labrador website (actually, Bengans) get a free tour DVD (I’m assuming it’s PAL, so if you order it make sure you have a DVD player that can play the disk!). I finally got the credit card bill for my order and after all the currency exchange fees, postage, etc. it ended up costing about $28 to ship to the US. I’m hoping I’ll have it by the end of the week. This song is a B-side from the “Lucky Star” ep which is the second single from “Facts And Figures.”
[audio:|titles=This Heart’s Not Made Of Stone |artists=The Legends]
Download: The Legends – This Heart’s Not Made Of Stone


  1. The correct term is “disc” when referring to CDs (a.k.a. “Compact Discs”). “Disk” is used for hard disks and floppy disks.
    That is all…

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