LA’s Medicine were one of those bands that I liked from the instant I heard them. I remember picking up the “Shot Forth Self Living” record and being incredibly impressed. I think what I like about it the most is that it had the whole “Creation Records vibe” but still has a punk rock feel. Even though they were picked up by American, I don’t think they were ever given the proper attention they deserved. When I saw them play on “The Buried Life” tour, they played to a 350 capacity club which was half full. This Beach Boys cover comes from the B-Side of the “Never Click” EP.
[audio:|titles= ‘Til I Die |artists=Medicine]
Download: Medicine – ‘Til I Die (Beach Boys Cover)


  1. hey there…….. please email me if you have any more medicine downloads………. i used to have alot and now have none……… i cant find them anywhere………except of course time baby 3 from the crow……….

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