Strip Squad has been in constant rotation on my palm pilot, in my car, and on iTunes at work. I’ve posted about them before, but I felt the need to sing their praise again. I went to their website a couple of weeks ago and they had posted a couple of tracks from their first, and now out of print, EP “Just Obey!” which I don’t own. I keep checking eBay hoping that one will find its way up there, but no luck so far. This is one of the tracks from that illusive EP. So go buy the other EP so they can afford to fly over here and play.

[audio:|titles=Down And Out And Away (Original Version) |artists=Strip Squad]
Download: Strip Squad – Down And Out And Away (Original Version)

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  1. hi! you are far too kind. if you want the just obey!-ep, just e-mail us your address and we will send you one.
    very soon we will release a couple of new songs, and eventually two new ep-s with different themes.
    malena/strip squad

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