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The Jesus And Mary Chain – Interview
Toronto Television

I’m posting something a little different today. Here’s a very, very amusing interview with The Jesus And Mary Chain in 1985 after their first two singles were released in the UK. You even get a glimpse of a very young Bobby Gillespie along with some live footage of JAMC pre-Psychocandy.

Download: The Jesus And Mary Chain – 1985 Toronto Television Interview (Video)


  1. Thanks for that weird moment in pop history. I can’t believe how punky that early live bit was. After a second listen I believe it was a cover of ‘Vegetable Man’ by the late Syd Barrett. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s their first B-side. There used to be a web page with Syd Barrett covers but I can’t find it now. Also, the JAMC just released a bunch of remastered CD’s with DVD videos that are worth checking out.

  2. In reference to previous comment…
    Syd Barrett song!?! Give me a break. There is no way to discern what they are playing. There was a total of five strings across the three guitars of which only two were tuned and besides, Jim was far too busy planting his mic stand into the skulls of the crowd to be intelligable…although… if any two events pertaining to the same object of inquiry occur, strict attention must be paid.

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