Old Glory Records put out two of my favorite comps in the early 90’s. “God’s Chosen People” which had tracks from Born Against, Native Nod, Rorschach, and more and “All The President’s Men” with Hoover, Acme, Maximillian Colby, and a bunch of other great bands. This is the Ordination of Aaron track from that record. Ordination of Aaron were a short-lived band from Kalamazoo, MI that ended up putting out quite a few 7″s, comp tracks, a split 7″ with Indian Summer, and a full-length LP. The songs were all collected on one discography CD which I’ve never come across, so this song is taken off my record.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060712/OOA-Parthenon.mp3|titles=Parthenon |artists=Ordination of Aaron]
Download: Ordination of Aaron – Parthenon


  1. I recorded this song in my mother’s attic in the summer of 1994. I was only credited as “Fred from Pennsylvania” because the band were reading the MaximumRockNRoll publication “Book Your Own Fucking Life” (which served as the internet for DIY bands before, well, the internet) in which there was a small ad for my studio saying “8-track studio specializing in punk, hardcore, etc”. The band happened to be 60 miles away on I-80 when they saw that. So they stopped, called me up, and within an hour we were recording the song you hear here and another coupla tracks.

    It was a weird chance meeting, I never saw the band again and by the time they returned from tour they couldn’t remember my last name, thus “Fred from PA”. But in another strange twist, one which shows how the indie rock family tree seems to grow and grow… in 2000 I was staying with my friend Ian Williams (then of Don Caballero, now of Battles) in Chicago. His roommate, Tim Nordwind, had the Ordination Of Aaron compilation (the first time I’d seen it). I asked him about it and it turns out he’d grown up with them or something in Kalamazoo. 6 years later still, Tim’s band, OKGo is the largest thing on YouTube.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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