The Legends – Lucky Star

I’m on the Labrador Records mailing list and about a week ago they sent out an e-mail with the header “Acid House Kings/The Legends US Tour Dates.” Holy shit I thought to myself 코믹뷰어! I’ve been dying to see The Legends for2 years now and it’s finally going to happen. Well, wishful thinking. They are only playing the midwest and east coast Never download kangho. Well, not a problem, I live in the 2nd largest city in the US, so I should be able to hop on Orbitz and get a cheap flight to the 1st or 3rd largest US cities nanumgothicbold. No such luck, $530 minimum. Shit. I couldn’t justify the cost, so I’m having my operatives in NYC go to the New York shows in my place and either force the band on a flight to LA at gunpoint, or if that doesn’t work, record the audio Download inexhaustible. Either one will do.

On to the song. This is the forthcoming single from The Legends which will be out July 19th. They have pretty much abandoned their 60’s soul sound for 80’s synth-pop but it’s still damn good I downloaded it four times in a row.

Also, if any of you luck bastards records any of the other US shows this week, get in touch!
[audio:|titles=Lucky Star |artists=The Legends]
Download: The Legends – Lucky Star