As a young goth, I bought all the Wax Trax! records I could get my hands on. I acquired quite a collection of hard to find LPs, some good, some not so good, but one that I’ve always really liked was the Ajax self-titled LP. It’s not the typical stuff that Wax Trax! was putting out at the time because it’s straight up dance music. This is a remix of the song “One World” that appeared on the b-side of the “One World” 12″ single.
[audio:|titles=Out Of This World |artists=Ajax]
Download: Ajax – Out Of This World


  1. 🙂 finding this made me smile. i had the ajax release on vinyl and then bought it on cd when i bought my first cd player. i still pop it in every now and then. it was a short ep, but it was amazing. i miss the good ol’ wax trax stuff. so much of it never made the transfer over to cd.

    all the best!

  2. It is a serious shame that a lot of the old Wax Trax! stuff is hard to track down. I just got a new turntable w/a brand new needle, so I’ve been playing all kinds of early Wax Trax! stuff lately, along with early Nettwerk and Plus 8 crap. 🙂

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