Evergreen were a three piece from Southern California which included Andy from Antioch Arrow. Rumor has it that there were only 600 of the “Seven Songs” lp pressed and 300 of them were left on the side of the road while the band was on tour. The record was a split release between Anomaly Records and Whaleboy. I can’t remember what other releases Whaleboy put out, but Anomaly also released the Still Life/Evergreen split 7″ and a Floodgate 7″. If you ever run across this record, do yourself a huge favor and pick it up.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060517/Evergreen-EricAndTheDiggerBlue.mp3|titles=Eric And The Digger Blue|artists=Evergreen]
Download: Evergreen – Eric And The Digger Blue


  1. Hoo boy…I’ve scoured the earth for this here piece of wax. Someday maybe I get lucky. If you see anybody running around with it, do me a favor and hold them down while I get there, wouldya? Thanks SO much. Oh, since some of us are still looking for the real thing would there be a chance that in the future the other songs might see the fiberoptical light of internet day?

  2. ME TO…ME TO!!!! I LOVE THIS BAND!!!! IF you have the others can you put them up? I have the record but it is snaping and popping! Thank you for putting this up and if you gett the chance to put the others up, please do. I have looked online for at least 4 years! thanks….

  3. Check indie torrents over the next week or so. I have it and will upload mp3s of it.

    By the way, also keep an eye out for “These Last Days”, their last release, which is amazing.

  4. Does anyone know whatever happened to the Suicide Squeeze Records label’s plan to re-release this band’s material on CD? I originally heard about this practically three years ago. What was really bizarre was that email question to this label went unanswered repeatedly. (I tried once, then like 8 months later, then about a year after that. Ignored every time!) Could the guy at the label have been bombarded by hundreds of others with the same question, so he got sick of answering it? Somehow I doubt it.) Either way, there is no other source for updates or any kind of news on a possible CD issue of this music, which has gained such a lofty status. Are potential labels, ebay hawkers and collectors (who have this LP) in collusion to keep the demand for it so insane…?

  5. Funny, I used to have a couple copies. Had several of the splits with Still Life too. Must’ve been a ‘time/place’ kind of thing. Anyhow, this really was one of the best things to come out of that time.

  6. WOW it’s been quite awhile since ive heard this, I was friends with I lived with any at gravity A LONG time ago and I havent seen him since then…….ive since wondered what happened to him.

  7. I used to live with any at gravity ….I havent heard this in so long……ive often wondered what became of him……..the good old days I have a copy of this somewhere in another state lost…………blah….

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