San Diego’s Los Cincos put out a bunch of releases including their first 12″ under the name “One Eyed Richard & The Goddamn Liars.” This record was released in 1994 on the fabulous Mollycoddle record label, who also released a record from members of Los Cinco’s previous band, Honeywell. This 12″ has a much more hardcore influenced sound than the 60’s mod sound of their later releases. That’s why I’ve always liked this release the most.
[audio:|titles=Holden Caufield|artists=One Eyed Richard And The Goddamn Liars]
Download: One Eyed Richard & The Goddamn Liars – Holden Caulfield


  1. one eyed richard (who later became los cincos) are not from san diego. they are from the riverside/los angeles area.

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