Generally I’m not a fan of bands with lyrics about cocks the size of cucumbers and air-fucking, but Strip Squad’s songs are so damn catchy I have to like them. I’ve been listening to this song non-stop for a week now. This great band is from Sweden and you can pick up their debut EP for 7 euros postage paid anywhere in the world. Use Google to find out more.
[audio:|titles=Pervert/Expert |artists=Strip Squad]

Download: Strip Squad – Pervert/Expert

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  1. I think this is funny. (Not so hot on genital boasting either, though there are some tongue-in-cheek exceptions.) Plus the song’s rather catchy. Think I found some more downloads by this act a few months ago and as I recollect them (could be wrong), they’re good.

    Could’ve been at or through the book club website. Not sure anymore.

    Anyway, thanks 🙂

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